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Ever­yo­ne will always come to you for the next hot music tip!? Then you’re exac­t­ly right here!


With your fee­ling for the next chart suc­cess or flop, you will earn our own cryp­to­cur­ren­cy: the Mudo.


Be the first to know which songs are being hyped and find the next insi­der tip in the charts!


Lis­ten to chart music direc­t­ly from us! Find all infor­ma­ti­on about the artists and bet on it!


Mea­su­re your music sen­se with others, collect achie­ve­ments in the charts and impro­ve your ran­king!

What awaits you with mymudo?

Music is my first love” — with mymu­do you get the chan­ce to dive deep into the music world. Our odds are based on the cur­rent inte­rest in artists and songs on the web. Are you sure what the next insi­der tip is? Bet with mymu­do!

Public reco­gni­ti­on — With our ran­king sys­tem, ever­yo­ne can see how well you can anti­ci­pa­te the next chart suc­cess. You are the next music tips­ter!

Cryp­to game cur­ren­cy — The Mudo is the cur­ren­cy in mymu­do: Trans­form your music fee­ling into our cryp­to­cur­ren­cy!

Talent Sup­port — mymu­do invests parts of the pro­fits in a talent fund: Sup­port the future of music!

We develop together with you!

mymu­do wants to be estab­lished and expan­ded with the help of its users and inte­rested par­ties. The­re­fo­re your opi­ni­on, your know­ledge and your idea is very important to us. Use our crowd­sour­cing blog and give us feed­back direc­t­ly!

You are a mymudo-TIPSTER!

I lis­ten to a lot of music, when I wait for the train, when I go by train, when I go to work, at work and also on the way back. At par­ties, I am the one who’s djing, becau­se peop­le ask about good music all the time. I just love music and mymu­do gives me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pe­te with others.” Marc, 22, trai­nee

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mymu­do is gro­wing and we work every day to land with the mymu­do app on your smart­pho­ne. Beco­me a “fan of the first hour”, get the bene­fits of being one of the first users and stay up to date on the pro­gress of mymu­do: Sign up for our news­let­ter!

This is us!

mymu­do is a start­up from Düs­sel­dorf and Kre­feld on the Lower Rhi­ne, foun­ded by Dani­el and Chris­ti­an. We bring a new toy to the music indus­try: bet­ting on music charts. Our big­gest moti­va­ti­on is to build an app for you that exci­tes and con­nec­ts peop­le. Inte­rested in the minds behind the start­up?

mymudo supports musicians with the talent fund!

We want to invest a part of our pro­fits in a fund that bene­fits pro­mi­sing musi­ci­ans who are still at the begin­ning of their care­ers!

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